Woman: I was just wondering if, since your success, if you’ve gone back to your high school and run through the halls?

John: Here’s a thing about that song, that’s a metaphor. “I wanna run through the halls of my high school” it’s funny how a song imagery can just snap somebody, words are powerful that way. And I always thought of it like a metaphor you know, and that song, and I’ll even admit that it does for me too, when I don’t think about it, it does kind of become, a song takes place in this school. And I just, I don’t think I could ever walk back in my high school, just like I can never lay a woman down with my hand behind her head, because then in both situations it’s like “Haha, like this song”. And once you kind of lionize that something’s in the song you can never do it again cause it’s like “Haha, like this song”, you know what I mean.

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    OMG bunnyears, I sooo wanted to hear about your walk in the snow with JM because I do not mind sharing!
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    So John, does this mean that when it snows again we won’t take a walk outside and search the sky like children do? My...
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    hey, me too. i’d make him to it anyway hehehe